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Om u het beste te helpen, moeten we eerst weten wat er binnen uw bedrijf speelt en bij wie deze problemen het meeste spelen. Daarom begint iedere samenwerking van Atabix met een kennismakingsgesprek. Zo krijgen wij een goed gevoel bij uw organisatie en hoe wij u het beste kunnen helpen.

The technological developments in the field of web development have made it possible to automate your repetitive tasks through digitization of your work processes. This ensures time savings, increased efficiency and lower operating costs.

If one of the following scenarios below applies to your company, Atabix can help you:

  • Your current supplier will no longer support your application and you are looking for a suitable new company.
  • You have none or few developers internally and are looking for external experts.
  • You are dissatisfied with the performance or usability of your current software and/or application.
  • The functionalities of your current application landscape do not meet your requirements.
  • Your current application landscape doesn’t scale with the (intended) business growth.
  • You have an innovative business idea and are looking for a party that can develop the supporting software for it.

Identifying business
problems and wishes!

The next step in our process is finding the best approach to your business problem, by determining the objectives of our collaboration. What is your ideal business scenario and vision?

During this phase we ensure that the critical functionalities are formulated based on your needs. You do not have to formulate these functionalities yourself – that is our specialty.

The only thing you need to identify are your needs as a customer. What do you want your software or application to do? We translate this into a list of required functions. This creates transparency about what we do, how we do it and how much time it takes to create the solution.


Determine the number of sprints

We make an estimate of the required capacity and specialisms to implement a successful project within the deadline set by you. This estimate depends on factors such as:

  • Is the project for web, mobile or both?
  • Do you need training or support?
  • How quickly do you need a working solution?
  • Is it a B2B or B2C app?
  • What is the available budget?
  • How agile is your business?

‘Kick off’ for the first sprint

After the kickoff for the first sprint, we solve your most pressing business problem. We do this in consultation with you, together with our development team. You determine the priority, we do the rest.

Our estimates are made by developers and not by account or project managers. They are exactly aware of the specific requirements of the sprint. In addition, it promotes transparency. You know exactly where the work will be and what you will pay for it.

You will also be kept well informed in between sprints. Everything is captured in our project management tool, in which you can follow the entire project from beginning to end and the communication is centralized.

During the kickoff, we determine a delivery date for the sprint. On average, this is 2 to 3 weeks after the date of the kickoff, unless you have specific wishes regarding the deadline.


Solving your most pressing business problem

Our experts will work on the agreed features for 2 to 3 weeks, the average time for a sprint. During the sprint, there are typically several moments where the development team requests additional input on completed tasks.

It will benefit the lead time and the quality of the project if someone from your company is available and authorized to make decisions within the framework of the project.

New insights often arise during the sprint. These may cause you to adjust your requirements which we agreed on at the start of the sprint. Because our process is flexible enough to delete or add features within the budget, this is not a problem at all.


Delivery of first sprint

The team that carried out the sprint demonstrates the features we developed during the sprint on the agreed date. Depending on the objectives, this can be one of the following results:

  • A Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • An extension of an existing program
  • The migration of a database
  • The migration of a database
  • A combination of the above

Invoicing is calculated at the end of every month for subsequent calculation. The deployment of experts that you hire from us can be scaled up or down without obligation. If intensive upscaling is required, we ask you to communicate this at least 14 days in advance. This ensures that we can take the increased demand into account.



Because we are curious about the experiences of our customers, we prefer to conduct a periodic evaluation with our customers. This way, we learn how you experience our solutions and what we can do to become even better in our profession. Feedback is more than welcome!

Conversely, it may occur that customer expectations are no longer in line with the set budgets or durations. In such cases, we always indicate this on time, so that the project can be adjusted where necessary.



With our flexible way of working, we develop a relatively large and complicated application in a short time period. The application we build for you is ready for use after a sprint. Our customers often choose to add some extra features before the product is ready for the market. When the product is ready for use, it goes live.

We are happy to support the process from test to production and can even manage the technical and functional application management if requested. Purchasing a project is not obligatory, but it is recommended because you will benefit from the knowledge gained during the project.

If you wish, it is also possible to create a formal service contract in the form of a monthly hours budget or SLA in the form of formal guarantees.

Let’s get to know each other!

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