ACL Airshop

Development of a worldwide track & trace system

Back-end systeem

The assingment

ACL Airshop rents and sells containers and pallets that are used by airlines to transport goods with. To be able to track the containers and pallets, ACL Airshop offers a tool when you rent. It was up to Atabix to build this tool from the ground up.

ACL track & trace

The challenge

The containers and pallents are located all over the world and are constantly in transit. This is what makes controlling them complicated. Which container is where ? When do Pallets return ? and are there broken down containers that need to be repaired ? The task was upto Atabix to make a user friendly system to answer these questions. To make a modern custom solution we had to research our client and the complex market in which she operates. A challenge that we fully took on.

ACL containers en pallets
Different conainers/pallets

Codes and messages

To communicate with each other about the containers and pallets airline companies, handling companies and logistical agents send encoded messages to each other. These messages are set up according to international standards and are undecypherable for the untrained eye. The tool that Atabix has developed automates the creation of such messages, processing and sending of these encoded messages. The tool also translates this tool to important information.

Because a small airfield in Afrika doesnt always have the same digital capabilites as Schiphol, it is also possible to communicate with manual messages about the pallets and containers. With this come human mistakes. Thanks to this tool that filters those messages out of the system, airlines can undertake action to retrace this mistake and resolve it.

ACL van code naar tekst
From code to understandable text

Reports and reliable data.

Because it is essential to have insight in the logistical sector, the new tool offers a number of insights into reports. It gives the airline a, fully automated, up-to-date image of the status of containers and pallets and their locations and possible damage. It also links this information to airfields, flight schemes and dates. This automatization saves time and increases efficiency. It also gives a trove of valuable management information that by taking away human errors has become a whole lot more trust worthy.

“The tool gives the airlines a completely autmated up-to-date view of the status of the pallets and containers and includes their location and possible damage”


We are proud of the fact that we, on the basis of modern techniques and scalable hosting, have made a fully working custom worldwide system. Everything was done within six months. To have come to an optimal solution together, communication was essential. this way, goals could be changed throughout the projects build span. This has not stopped after delivery though. Up to this verry day, Atabix works to bring the best out of this tool. And we are succeeding, because the tool is already in use by ten different airlines.

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