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A solid step forward

Online solutions are not always visible to the general public. For Blenheim law firm we designed a complete digital work administration at Atabix. The legal office wanted to streamline its administration and create an overview of the large amount of data. Blenheim is known for its reliable legal services. The question was therefore to create a system for lawyers that fits in with the solid character of the office. A wonderful opportunity to take this reputable company a step forward behind the scenes.

Simplicity is the size

Overview and simplicity are crucial ingredients for a thorough online administration. But that is not self-evident in a company where dozens of professionals work, all with their own ways of managing data. Law firm Blenheim saw the added value of a well-oiled system in which not only the working hours are clearly displayed, but the obtained information is also used to book business progression.

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Ready in a few clicks

Within the new system we created a personal online environment for every lawyer. We have to limit what they have to record in this to the minimum: the working hours, the relevant file and the agreed rate. There is no need for more. With this information the system calculates what the turnover is, how the debtor position stands for and also the final hourly revenue per month.

Extra help to keep the administration in order is therefore no longer necessary. The lawyer manages his own agenda with a few simple actions and immediately receives an overview of the work delivered. And that is just the beginning of the possibilities.

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From internal to external

The system has different links with the outside world. For example, the lawyers send their invoices directly from their own online environment. Reliability is paramount at Blenheim and so the invoice automatically goes through the file manager. When that check has been carried out, the invoice goes to the client.

Because the system also monitors the debtors' position, a warning is issued when an advance invoice has to be sent. Of course, there is the possibility to specify the costs in the invoice. The same applies to regular expenses that are made in the service of the client: office costs, court fees or courier costs can be added to the current file with a mouse click.

Looking ahead is governing

Not every invoice is paid immediately and not every case ends within a few weeks. We have also taken this into account with such cases. When the term of a payment has expired, the option exists to immediately send a reminder invoice. And when a file is merged with another person, it is also digital within a few seconds. For example, the lawyer does not lose valuable time and he or she can focus entirely on the legal profession.

Update accounting? Has already been done

The data that the various lawyers enter into their online environments are directly linked to the Exact Online accounting program. Each phase is noted: when an invoice is sent, when the payment is completed, but also as payment. At the end of the year, the income and expenditure per file.

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Insight thanks to overview

The system allows Blenheim's partners to view the status of the conferences. The matrix shows how many hours the different lawyers work. At a glance you can see to what extent the lawyers and work work. The query can be applied to the past month, the last quarter of number per year.

The partner can also gain digital insight into the current activities within the company. In the work-in-progress position, it is clearly shown which hours still have to be declared at which rates. If there are any questions about this, the relevant lawyer can be directly addressed.

The management determines course

The administrator of the system has the flexibility to make digital adjustments according to your wishes. When a new lawyer joins the office, he or she can be added online, creating a new personal environment. When new cost items arise, because transport by helicopter, for example, did not yet exist as an option, that button can also easily be added. And when the VAT rate changes, it has been adjusted with a simple intervention within the system. In this way, Blenheim remains permanently up-to-date and also offers its lawyers an extremely user-friendly working environment online.

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The result

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The home page on the desktop.
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The dropdown menu on the desktop.
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The blog page on the desktop.
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The homepage and a detail page on mobile.

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