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This is boldking.

Combining a solid idee with the best digital technology. Thats what Boldking does, and with a lot of success. The power is in its simplicity. Boldking delivers durable razor blades at a low price to the customer when he needs it. And the product is also recyleable. How boldking can pull this off ? The fully depend on the that online business offers. Thats a filosophy that makes Atabix verry enthousiastic.

The challenge

Service is the magic word at Boldking. The store is strictly online so its important that the customer is quickly and guided to the point. Who visits, must be able to instantly see the usefullnes of the razors. The company presents itself transparently. And when a customer wants to order razors there may be no obstructions. The longer a customer has to wait, the greater the chances he will not buy anything, this is true even on the internet. We create a streamlined digital process, not only visually but also on the technical aspect.

Boldking product set

Optimalisation through funnel

We enhance the online expirience by using a so called funnel. That funnel, an online funnel, makes sure the users arrives at the point of sales without any hassle. Ofcourse a strong story is important, but a good technical backend can give the customer the final push.

Think for example of online payments: a fase in which the customer should be doing as little interactions as possible. As an example, when the users enters his postal code, the street name and area are automatically filled in. Its a small change that makes 1% of the customers not quit the transaction. This may not sound like a lot, But in 15.000 customers, 1% can make the difference between making losses or a profit.

Aimed at effiency

When the razors have been ordered, the package should arrive at the customers doorstep as fast as possible. Because a good story is foremost ,that hte promise should be fullfilled as fast as possible. For this boldking again invested in custom technology. We developed a system in which everything comes together Orders, stock, statistics, user records and the mail traffic. Everything is managed in the same system. The details are easy to access and the different parts of the company are tuned into eachother. In other words: A highly efficient workplace.

Signed, sealed, delivered.

When a customer has done his online payment, it is directly transferred to a depo worker. They take the product and send it off. The change in stock is pushed through. When there is a risk of running out of razors, an order is automatically placed to order new ones. This way, a single users can see the entire process in the works., without having to deal with it himself. Even better, the website is simplicity itself.

Boldking blade
Gassan design style
Gassan design style

Customer is king

Across the online world one thing is the same: measuring is knowing. All movements and visits bij customers produce data. He who analyzes this , learns the power and weakness of his company.

The stream of data is endless. The amount of time the customer spends on the website, the icons on which he clicjs, the moment the customer leaves the website, the average length of a subscription, the customers reaction to a personal email: all data is welcome.

For example, from data Boldking learned that customers were subscribing but unsubscribing the very next day. Thats relevant knowledge. Customers wanted the blades, but not commit to a subscription. For one time commitments a butten hadn't been made yet. It was a small feat to make the button and thus meeting the customers desires. That sounds simple, but without proper data analysis this would have never seen the light of day..

Castle illustration

The looks

The data analysis can be top notch, the eye also wants something to look at. We like to think about the online enviornment, but if there is already an existing design, we love to execute that design. Bolding themselves came with an execution plan and clear wishes about how the website should look. The so called one page check-out makes sure that the site is simple and understandable. The style seamlessly matches the product: The razors aswell as the website are user friendly and clean.

An online product doesnt stop at launch though. Not only maintenance requires time and attention, the tech world is developing at a fast pace. Thats wh ywe at Atabix are constantly innovating. He who wants his webshop rebuilt after a few years is more than welcome back. We have not been sitting still in the meanwhile and do daily discoveries in the tech area. For Boldking we developed a whole new digital enviornment after one and a half year. Also those who like to stay ahead of the competition we like to help

Tghe one page checkout
More of the one page checkout

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