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Back-end systeem

The company

Since 1994 OTX Logistics has been a logistic service provider on a worldwide scale. As an air and sea freight transporter OTX Logistics transports goods for diverse industries. For example, the fashion, lifestyle and high-tech industry.

OTX furthermore deals with all the administrative formalities such as permits, price negotiation, bookings with shipping companies and contacting customs. Also the coordination between all relevant parties will be taken care of, making sure the transport from the manufacturer to the warehouse will go as smooth as possible.

The challenge

Overview is crucial for an industry as complex as the transport business. What about my goods, where are they, maybe even more important: will they get there in good time? In this case OTX Logistics was not our only customer, but also the parties that are being shipped. International companies, for instance, who want their stock for their stores. We brought all the information together, for all parties involved, into one: The OTX Portal.

Hong Kong


There is a lot of information available for every shipment that will take place, for instance: the order number, the type of shipment, weight, measurements, shipped goods, type of transport and estimated arrival time. Next to this, the transport is often divided in phases. Each phase being a different party involved in the transport route. From the manufacturer to the harbor or the airport will be taken care of by transporter A, at the same time the airplane or the ship is arranged by another party involved. On arrival in the Netherlands the parcel will be handed down to transporter B, until it is in the warehouse of the customer. This process needs good coordination.

Management Interface design overzicht
A small portion of the data
available per shipment.

Changing transporter, cooperating parties and processes within the transport route can vary per customer. From within the portal, the client can make adjustments at will, ensuring a smooth transport process.

For the amount of goods transported internationally it is not necessary for the client to receive information per shipment. Sometimes this is not even needed. Freights that belong together can therefore be classified in bulk-orders, making sure the information stays orderly.

OTX bulk orders


Customers rely on the reliability of transporters and the provision of information. As soon as the status of a shipment changes, the client wants to know. This is why it is necessary that all information from all the relevant parties involved ends up in the portal. In the past this would be done manually, by copying the data of the transporter and forwarding this to the client.

This has been fully automated to ensure a reliable provision of information to the client. As a result, status updates are entered and sent off in real-time reducing the chance of errors. The adjustments clients make are also sent off to the other parties in real-time.

“Maybe even more important:
will they get there in good time?”

OTX Locations
All the locations of OTX offices or partners.


All users of OTX have access to their own personalized portal. Per client, the employees of different departments have their own account to keep track of the orders of their department.

A clothing brand, for example, that has different departments based on the type of clothing. Each year every department has multiple collections which need to be ordered and delivered in good time. An employee who works on the trouser department doesn’t need to make an order for the winter collection of the coats department. That is why we implemented a vast license system in the portal, making it possible to define what each user can see or edit.

User Permissions Cards

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