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High quality suites, in the heart of Amsterdam. Using only the best quality materials and a sublime finish. A place of tranquility and comfort in the middle of the lively city. That is “De Plancius”. And that is what the website should project.

The challenge

You can walk through a suite, experience the different spaces, smell and feel it. Your will experience first-hand what Smart City Living stands for. This is not physically possible when it comes to a website. Still the experience whilst visiting the website should be identical to visiting a suite.

Functional design

A structured set-up of the website is made in wireframes. A clear subdivision of the information that is of importance to the user. The most important navigation is displayed in a menu at the top of the page. The content on the left and all other information on the right. By doing this a grid forms which can be applied throughout the entire website, this allows for a smooth user experience.

Plancius Wireframes


The luxurious feel of “De Plancius” must come across. Express tranquility and high quality and do justice to the images. A sans serif font to create a contemporary character, in keeping with the finish of the apartments.

Plancius design style
Plancius design style

The result

The homepage

Start off by featuring a full-screen image, visitors will immediately be presented with the visual beauty of the suites. The most important characteristics of the suites are displayed on a green opaque overlay using a large white font. For example: Overlooking the historical “Prinseneiland” & “Westerdok”, but also: A communal courtyard on the canal. Short, powerful sentences to illustrate the exceptional characteristics of these suites.

Plancius design homepagina

The appartments pages

Possibly the most important pages of the website. By any means the pages containing the most information. A clear presentation is of utmost importance, information needs to be displayed in the right order for the visitor. At a glance, visitors will know what the site is about and what the characteristics of the apartment are.

Not only does the sidebar contain information on all apartments, but also includes the latest news and dates for the upcoming open house. By doing this, the visitor will stay up to date about the project.

Plancius design appartement pagina
Plancius design appartement pagina

The surroundings page

It is amazing to explore new places in the lively centre of Amsterdam. This page is created to inspire visitors to explore the surroundings of the Planciusstraat. Positioned on the “Westerlijke Eilanden” the district has a range of interesting things to do, view or taste. The left sidebar offers a quick summary of the different categories, a filter by significance can be used by the visitor.

By using custom icons and maintaining the “De Plancius” color scheme for a Google Map, the visitor will maintain a smooth and uniform experience throughout the entire website.

The entire website will be presented in full screen mode at all times, on all devices. To do justice to the images and to optimize the experience.

Plancius design omgeving pagina


The experience a visitor will have using a desktop computer will never be equal to the experience when using a mobile device, but it should come close to it. A good interpretation of the layout, user experience and elements are therefore essential. Underneath, two earlier addressed pages are displayed. The elements are identical, yet the structure is completely different.

On the mobile homepage it is not possible for the visitor to scroll, instead navigation is carried out by clicking on one of the call-to-actions at the bottom. By doing this a more natural flow to the other areas of the website will be enforced. On the page of the apartment the navigation was presented in the sidebar, now it is placed on the top of the screen for better visibility.

Plancius design mobiel

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