Individual Learning Plan

Management system

The project

sCoolSuite is a company that was founded on the belief that there is a better way to help children fully develop than is customary in most schools. In stead of the traditional one-education-fits-all approach to schooling children, sCoolSuite advocates an approach that centers around creating individual learning plans designed for each child individually. To support that approach, together with sCoolSuite we created an easy to use software package that children, parents, teachers and administrators use to monitor a child’s personal development.

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The challenge

Educational software has to meet the needs of a wide variety of different users. Both children and adults will use the software. A child needs a fun, easy to use environment without any distractions across the screen of his or her iPad. As a parent, you want to see all relevant information pertaining to your child’s development, and you’d like to monitor that using your desktop or tablet device. At the same time, a teacher must make sure that each student's Personal Learning Plan is up to date and recorded in accordance with rules and regulations. With only 1 teacher for every 20-40 students in a class, this is only possible with well thought-out and developed software. The software package that we developed makes sCoolSuite’s revolutionary ideas and methodology on Personal Learning Plans now a reality for many elementary and high schools.

De uitdaging
The different views: Student, Parent & Teacher

Schedule and Planning

In traditional schools, teachers usually have a class of 20 to 30 students, all following the same schedule and working towards the same educational goals. Students who fall behind on achieving those goals will keep falling further behind, while students who have already achieved the goals ahead of schedule get bored. With Personal Learning Plans, conversely, teachers not only assign personal learning goals to students, but also personalize the schedule of each student to make sure each is working on the assignment that fits his or her personal needs and abilities.

sCoolTool provides teachers with functionalities whereby he or she can quickly assign a group of students with educational tasks and jobs corresponding to each student’s personal level, and provide them with case specific instructions and communicational tools. To adjust for individual students’ learning pattern, sCoolTool Software allows teachers to instantly split their class up in smaller groups working on different tasks. They can also assign students that require additional attention to specific subgroups with specialized tasks and jobs. This way all students are working on something meaningful, and the teacher can still focus on smaller groups of students that need extra attention.

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Standard or Customizable

Flexible configuration

Traditional software systems don't offer a lot of flexibility when it comes to the complex administrative processes in eduction. Curriculums are determined and distributed from the center outwards, and have to be adhered to without any easy way to customize them to specific local needs. With sCoolTool a school is free to implement it's own process, allowing them to set themselves apart from other schools.

“sCoolTool makes designing and planning a curriculum an efficient process that's easy to understand for all users”

Happy Children

It is both rewarding and beautiful to see children flourish in education. No child has to feel left behind anymore, nor does any child have to feel bored or under-stimulated. We are proud of the fact that we could assist sCoolSuite in their mission for a better future for the children, with an innovative platform.

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