Traditional employment agencies are a thing of the past with Wurcly

Online platform and mobile application

Innovation on the temporary employment market

The Dutch labor market is dominated by expensive employment agencies. They use margins of an average of 74%. Wurcly breaks the cartel of the established employment agencies and returns the market to clients and employees. Wurcly is an app for iOS and Android that brings together supply and demand on the labor market and works on the basis of one-off jobs. Clients can hire flexible staff through Wurcly at a rate of only 8%.

On the other hand, employees can apply via Wurcly for the one-off jobs offered by clients. They are nowhere to work and can work wherever and whenever they want. Nevertheless, all employees are insured of all rights belonging to a temporary agency worker, such as gross allowances and pension. And if that is not enough, they will be paid within 24 hours.

Werknemer en werkgever

The new payrolls

What are the rules of the tax authorities regarding wage payments? What about the security of personal data? How do we keep to the legal jumble of rules? At Atabix the task of translating the answers to these questions to an application that functions well and at the same time strives for the rules. Online and flexible means not only an iOS and Android app, but also the construction of a complete payroll system. This system takes into account the interests of various parties, such as the employees, the clients and the tax authorities. Because established temporary employment agencies work with fixed salary packages, no wage costs can be calculated in the current market prior to an assignment. Wurcly has developed a unique system based on an algorithm that makes it possible for clients. So clear!

Werk bonnetjes
Per working day of 6 hours

Wurcly takes care of clients

If a client needs a flexible employee, she logs in to Wurcly. Creating a job is done in this way. Candidates can therefore apply quickly via the app. However, employing staff involves many responsibilities. Think of paying holiday pay and wearing the disease risk. Wurcly is the legal employer and takes over all these responsibilities from the client. The client pays labor costs and employers' costs to Wurcly in advance, so knows in advance exactly where they stand and has fewer headaches.

Handheld presentatie

Applying has never been easier

Because job seekers do not apply for a job, but they do not have a permanent job. Do you only want to work on Fridays? Then you only search on Friday. Do you just want to stand behind the bar? Then filter the search results on activities. Have you found your ideal job? Use your smartphone to upload your identity card, bank card and payroll form via a secure connection. Then apply at the touch of a button. After the documents have been validated for authenticity, you can immediately start working!

Mobile telefoons met Wurcly paginas

Rating system

Where a client wants to be sure that she hires good and reliable people, as a jobseeker you also want to know if your client offers a nice workplace. In order to guarantee quality, an assessment system has been chosen. After completing a job, the employee and the client can assess each other. You do this by giving a figure. In this way, Wurcly is honest and transparent with regard to both employees and clients. Because the information is based on experiences, application letters with Wurcly are a thing of the past.

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