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Online platform and public monitor

In this article we tell you more about the Inclusiemonitor, that we realized using our platform for Het Zorginstituut.


Researching better care

In The Netherlands, we receive excellent care that can compare to the best quality care out there in the world. Among other things, this is due to the high level of expertise of our doctors, the availability of advanced medical technologies and the means to pay for them, and substantive medical research. Doctors can often choose from an array of different treatments to help the same patient. Which treatment methods should in practice be used (and which are covered by health insurance), is determined in official protocols.

You may expect that it has been scientifically investigated which treatment methods out there are most effective and efficient, and are therefore in the official protocols - but often that is not the case. Research into the most effective and efficient treatments, is called "zorgevaluatie" (care evaluation). We created a user friendly monitoring system for Het Zorginstituut that tracks the progress of care evaluations in The Netherlands, so that this information can be used to create a better and more affordable care system.


User friendly interface

However complicated or automated a monitoring system may be technically speaking, the interface for a user should be hyper simple. With a couple of clicks (or even without any clicks) you want to be be able to see how the care evaluations in The Netherlands are currently standing. Have any new research studies started?; which institute is currently hosting the most studies?; and going 1 level deeper - what is the progress of that one study that you're interested in? Luckily every project team that we put together always also numbers at least one visual designer that concerns him/herself with these kinds of topics. In close collaboration with the substantive experts of Het Zorginstituut, the implementation team was able to create a definitive design in a couple of weeks' time, which was both simple to use and significant in its substantive depth. And everything of course in line with the look and feel of the program within het Zorginstituut that was responsible for the development of the Monitor system!

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Integration and data quality

On the back end the system has it's own complexity. To give a good overview of the progress of all Care evaluations in The Netherlands, the system has been integrated with multiple external data sources. This is made possible in part by the integration capabilities that are part of our standard platform. Any good integration however, does more than just automatically import data. You also want to be sure that the data you're importing is in fact correct. To guarantee the correctness of the data, we also implemented the Data Quality module, which makes it possible to guarantee the quality of the data that is being imported. In this way the system knows for example, that "AMC" and "Academisch Medisch Centrum" are in fact both the same hospital. We're proud of the fact that we were able to help het Zorginstituut with the development of a monitoring system that contributes to better and affordable care in The Netherlands.

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