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Frequently asked questions

Which party is owner of the code?

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Atabix develops on behalf of the client and therefore the source code is always owned by the client.

What project methodology do you use?

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Working together with the client we will decide on the most suitable project methodology. We are used to working with AGILE techniques such as SCRUM.

What programming techniques do you use?

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PHP based software platform.


MySQL will be used for the database management platform for the design and model of the platform database(s).

Framework Foundation

Open source front end framework. This toolkit developed by ZURB is a professional framework for mobile first responsive front-end development and contains HTML en CSS based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, navigation and other interface components, as well as a broad range of JavaScript components.


A structured system of special objects also known as hypertext markup language. HTML is an SGML based markup language. With this the general structure and layout of the website will be defined within the so called DOM.


A style sheet language, also called Cascading Style Sheets. Within this style sheet all styling definitions are defined by using class definitions. Objects within the DOM can be assigned to one of these classes and take-on the right styling as defined in these CSS classes.


JavaScript framework, developed for supporting dynamic and interactive websites. Properties include : the adjustment and manipulation of the DOM,CSS and data interaction with the web server (AJAX).

Sass & Less

Cascading style sheet preprocessor language. By using Sass and Less, complex CSS can be compiled. Sass & Less are CSS compatible, feature rich and industry approved.

Which hosting do you use?

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Atabix works together with a number of hosting providers, for example: Amazon. Together with the client we do our very best to find the most suitable solution.

Do you develop apps?

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We develop iOS, Android and Windows based applications.

We work with existing software, can you take over?

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It is often possible to make use of existing software. During the inventory process we will point out the possible risks.

Can you integrate and connect with other applications?

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We deliver custom solutions. Therefore, if the application allows it, we can make connections between your existing applications. For example, connections between book keeping programs and stock inventory systems, ERP systems and logistical systems etc.

Do you work with freelancers?

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To guarantee constant quality, Atabix develops all of their own software at all times. By doing this Atabix can ensure an optimal process.

What does a web application cost?

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It is virtually impossible to give a price indication without first having had a consultation with the potential client. For that reason we kindly invite clients to our office to discuss the requirements and wishes of the client. After the initial meeting a price indication can be given. The first consultation is free of charge of course, and so is the coffee! ;)

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