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Do you want to solve your most pressing business problem quickly?

You are looking for software to solve a specific business problem. Do you opt for a standard solution or do you opt for custom software development?

It can be tempting to choose standard software with the well-known brand name. It is often the easy choice, because you can immediately see what the costs and functionalities are. But in reality, it turns out that standard software is not always the right solution…

Standard software or custom software?

Standard software

With a standard software solution, you can immediately see what the functionalities are. If these meet your exact requirements and these won’t change, then it’s simple. Standard software is the right choice for you. Think of a CRM system or e-mail marketing software.

But there are also limitations to a standard software package. The license costs are high, the app is not yours and as soon as you do need any modifications, you pay the price.

Custom software

  • If your requirements do not match the functions of the standard packages.
  • Your business problem is complex or if you are looking for a reliable solution that fits in perfectly with your unique business processes.
  • If you do not know in detail what the requirements of your package are or how they will develop within a period of 6 months.

When developing your custom app, we use existing standard components that are used in almost every app. Think for example of a fast and good search function, or a way to store files safely and affordably in the cloud.

By using these so-called “microservices” for common functions for the app, we save you a lot of time and money. Moreover, in this way you can be sure that your customized application uses the best and most modern techniques available for these specific functions.


Are you convinced that a tailor-made solution is better suited to your needs than a standard software package?

Then let’s get to know each other.

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Atabix is the partner for custom software solutions: Reliable, fast, efficient and delivers on promises

Many software solutions companies start a new customer relationship with an extensive quotation phase. Tailor-made projects are therefore often lengthy and costly processes. The chance is very small that even a small part of the elaborated functionalities will be used in practice as estimated in advance.

At Atabix we do not believe in projects with a fixed price of hundreds of thousands of euros. We understand that you do not hire us because you would like to have an application with specific functions. You call on us to tackle specific business problems or to seize opportunities.

As a rule, our quotation processes take no longer than a week and are based on an estimate of what is needed to tackle your specific challenge. Not an endless list of miscalculations.

In addition, Atabix works with sprints and we deliver testable parts of the software every two weeks, which your company can use immediately.

What you can expect from Atabix:

  • Reliability: is your software going to do what it has to do, within the set budget and the agreed deadlines? Atabix delivers on its promises.
  • Speed: within a week we can start working on your custom software solutions. We deliver the first solution within a month.
  • Safety: not only do we program safely, we take it a step further. Our company is ISO27001 certified, the international standard for information security. This means, among other things, that external auditors regularly check our business processes for quality standards with regards to information security. So you can be sure that we meet the highest standards.
  • Expertise: all our employees are technical and business savvy. Only 5% of our applicants make the selection. This is how we keep the standard high, and you will notice it when working with us.
  • Highest industry standard: a mature web application is more than just a few working lines of code. A robust online solution is suspended from a scalable architecture and uses modern and stable microservices for specialized parts of the application. Think of Elastic Search for a fast and effective search solution, or Amazon’s S3 for storage in the cloud. The possibilities offered by a modern web application are truly endless!
  • A working model for everything: thanks to our extensive experience, we have a working model for every challenge, which can apply in your organisation.
  • Investment: you pay by sprint. This allows you to know exactly where you stand and what results you can expect at the end of the sprint.
  • No contracts: Atabix does not oblige you to enter into a long-term contract with us. After every sprint you have the possibility to stop. If your organisation so desires, it is possible to agree on a fixed capacity per period.

Read what our clients have to say about the collaboration with Atabix

  • k-hekman

    “Atabix has helped us enormously in managing our new platform. The result of the last few months is impressive and offers perspective for the future. We are very enthusiastic, but so are our fellow-colleagues!”

    Kim Hekman, Zorgevaluatie Nederland
  • tibo

    “Through a streamlined digital process, Boldking’s CRM and API has been optimized. This has resulted in an efficient work situation. To this day, there is close contact between us and the developers at Atabix.”

    TTD, Boldking
  • hansdeleeuw

    “From the very first moment, Atabix asked the right questions to get to the heart of our processes. The various applications that Atabix has created for us, including a planning system, have enables us to achieve many improvements in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. We are happy with the results achieved.”

    Hans de Leeuw, Van der Spek Uitvaart / Monuta

The work process of Atabix: a tailor-made solution in just one month

  1. Introduction

    During an introductory meeting, we will get to know each other and discover how we can help your business.

  2. Solving business problems and identifying wishes

    We identify your biggest business problems and wishes, so that we get a clear idea of your expectations.

  3. Determining the number of sprints

    In consultation we discover how many sprints are needed to deliver your solution.

  4. ‘Kickoff’ first sprint

    During the ‘kickoff’ of the first sprint, we agree on the functionalities that Atabix will commit to. We also agree on a date for the delivery of the functionalities. Usually this is between two and four weeks after the kickoff.

  5. Solving your most pressing business problem

    Atabix tackles the hardest problems first. Our promise: for every business problem, there is a web application that we can develop in 2 sprints.

  6. Delivery of first sprint

    We deliver the result of the first sprint. This will solve your biggest business problem and you will achieve the greatest optimisation step for your organisation.

  7. Before and after every sprint we set goals and evaluate the results

    Before and after every sprint, we set goals and evaluate the results. In this way we can determine whether the set goals have been achieved and decide on your wishes for the next sprint.

    A sprint does not oblige us to take the next sprints. You stop when you want or when your company goals have been achieved. That is the promise of Atabix.

  8. Software support

    Do you need software support? If you want, we can set up a Software License Agreement for this. However, we also offer support on request based on an hourly rate. You can control the pace of development yourself.

Your application, your property
No subscriptions or contracts
A personal project manager

Our working method is transparent, cost-effective and fast. We don’t promise anything that we don’t deliver and we deliver what we promise. Fortunately, with our team of over 25 developers, no challenge is too big for us.

In addition, you can expect the following from us:

  1. The solutions we develop for you are owned by you.
  2. No fixed costs, no obligation to follow up or a service contract.
  3. Experienced specialists and a personal project manager for short lines of communication.

Contact us and experience the benefits of a custom software solution

Are you convinced that custom software offers the right solution for your organisation? Let’s get to know each other while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea and discover how we can help each other.

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Frequently asked questions

How much does automation software for my company cost approximately?

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Atabix uses an agile development method in which projects are divided in so-called “sprints”. A sprint takes an average of 120 hours. For each sprint, we set unique goals in consultation with you. In advance, you know exactly where you stand in terms of time, costs and the final result.

How can I be sure that the solution we are developing can actually be used in practice?

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Atabix delivers testable parts of the software every two weeks, which can actually be put into use in practice. Based on your practical experience, we can immediately check how the software is used. This way we can find out what logical, good and new additions would be. This way, you can always be sure that the software you are developing will fit in well with your organisation.

How long does the process take?

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Each sprint takes about one month. You will be assigned a personal project manager for each job to keep the lines short.

Is custom software safe?

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We write secure code and also use WAFs (Web Application Firewalls) for all our web applications. In addition, our company is certified according to the international standard in the field of information security IS027001. Our software solutions therefore meet the highest requirements in order to guarantee the safety and functionality of your web application.

I had a negative experience with a competitor, why are you different?

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Atabix advises and then delivers on its promises. We do not think in terms of applications, but in terms of solutions. This philosophy is interwoven with our way of working and the reason why we work in sprints.

Am I tied to a contract if I work with Atabix?

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Atabix doesn’t work with contracts. You can stop using our services after every sprint. When your business goals have been achieved or when you are ready to market your product, our job is done.

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