Atabix makes innovation through digitization
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Do you want to solve your most pressing business problem?

Do you recognize yourself in the three points below?

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    Repetitive actions within your organization are still performed manually.

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    Your company is hardly growing and you are constantly running at the top of your capacity.

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    You are aware that that digitization of your organization will be decisive in the coming years.

Atabix can solve these business problems by helping you digitally transform through our SaaS platform. This makes your company more efficient and increases your market reach.

Why you should start digitizing your business processes now

The technological developments in the field of web development have made it possible to automate your repetitive tasks through digitization of your work processes. This ensures time savings, increased efficiency and lower operating costs.

Mature web and mobile applications offer completely new services and possibilities to serve your customers and your coworkers in their daily activities. Things like planning experts in for an on-site assessment, assigning and monitoring tasks within a team, and organizing back-office processes.Our platform helps you digitize all these kinds of tasks and more.

Postponing digitization will lead to a weakened market position:

  • Your business processes continue to require a lot of manual work, which causes the operational costs to stay high.
  • You make your organization vulnerable to technological innovations from competitors that offer newer, better and more efficient forms of their services.

In extreme cases, this can lead to serious business problems and even bankruptcy. Make sure that your organization innovates. Start digitizing today and stay ahead of the competition.

Atabix makes your business more efficient and significantly increases your market reach. Because we have already offered many successful solutions for customers like ACL Airshop, Spryng and Boldking, we have an existing model to work with for almost every market and solution. Therefore, no challenge is too big for us.


Our standardized SaaS platform can be operational in your organization in one month.

What is your most pressing business problem?

Tell us about it

Read what our clients have to say about the collaboration with Atabix

  • k-hekman

    “Atabix has helped us enormously in managing our new platform. The result of the last few months is impressive and offers perspective for the future. We are very enthusiastic, but so are our fellow-colleagues!”

    Kim Hekman, Zorgevaluatie Nederland
  • tibo

    “Through a streamlined digital process, Boldking’s CRM and API has been optimized. This has resulted in an efficient work situation. To this day, there is close contact between us and the developers at Atabix.”

    TTD, Boldking
  • hansdeleeuw

    “From the very first moment, Atabix asked the right questions to get to the heart of our processes. The various applications that Atabix has created for us, including a planning system, have enables us to achieve many improvements in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. We are happy with the results achieved.”

    Hans de Leeuw, Van der Spek Uitvaart / Monuta

The two biggest advantages of digitization for your company

Reduce repetitive tasks

There is no doubt that many tasks within your organization are performed manually. As a result, your employees often spend hours a week on tasks that can be spent much more efficiently on processes that create direct customer value. Atabix ensures that tasks are automated, so that you can focus on the activities that really matter.


Increasing your companies market reach

With digitization, you can reach new target groups and grow your market share. Together we configure a platform meets your specific needs. This enables us to make your company more efficient and to broaden and expand your customer base. We do this by helping these customers in new, innovative ways, without increasing operational costs.

This is the process of Atabix: how we solve your business problems

  1. Acquaintance

    During an introductory meeting, we will get to know each other and discover how we can help your business.

  2. Identifying business
    problems and wishes!

    We identify your biggest business problems and wishes, so that we get a clear idea of your expectations.

  3. Determining the required modules

    Based on the business problems you are presented with, we determine which modules u need. Do you only require a basic Case system, or do you also wish to use the Workflow module? Or maybe you would like to make use of the Scheduling module - and do you also need a mobile app? And should the need arise, we can of course also develop completely new modules just for you.

  4. ‘Kickoff’ first sprint

    During the ‘kickoff’ of the first sprint, we determine what solution would help your business the most. Your dedicated team of professionals advises you on the possibilities, and puts together a fitting solution for you.

  5. Solving your most pressing business problem

    Atabix tackles the hardest problems first. Our promise: for every business problem, there is a web application based on our platform that we can deliver in 2 sprints

  6. Delivery of first sprint

    We deliver the result of the first sprint. This proves that your most pressing business problem is solved in a short time period and will make your organization much more efficient.

  7. Before and after every sprint we set goals and evaluate the results

    Before and after every sprint, we set goals and evaluate the results. In this way we can determine whether the set goals have been achieved and decide on your wishes for the next sprint.

    A sprint does not oblige us to take the next sprints. You stop when you want or when your company goals have been achieved. That is the promise of Atabix.

  8. Software support

    Do you need software support? We can set up a Software License Agreement (SLA) for this. However, this is not mandatory. It is also possible to request support based on an hourly rate.


Why should you choose Atabix?

Our working method is transparent, cost-effective and fast. We don’t promise anything that we don’t deliver and we deliver what we promise. Fortunately, with our team of over 30 experienced developers, no challenge is too big for us.

In addition, you can expect the following when working with Atabix:

  1. The solutions we develop for you are exclusively your property.
  2. No monthly fees, no obligations or mandatory service contracts.
  3. Experienced developers and a personal project manager.

Contact us and experience the many benefits of automation

Are you already convinced of the added value, digitization can bring to your organization? Let’s have a chat over a cup of coffee or tea and discover how we can help each other.

Fill in the contact form and we will contact you the same day to make an appointment.

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Frequently asked questions

How much does automation software for my company cost approximately?

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Atabix works with sprints. One sprint takes an average of 120 working hours. For each sprint, we set unique goals in consultation with you. You always know exactly what the costs, time and deliverables will be in advance.

How long does the process take?

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Each sprint takes about 2 to 3 weeks to complete. You will be assigned a personal project manager for each job in order to keep the lines of communication short.

Is automation safe?

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All our processes are ISO27001 certified, an international standard in de field of information security. In addition, we have appointed a security officer who oversees daily compliance with our information security portals.

My previous experience with a competitor wasn’t positive, why are you different?

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We simply don’t make promises that we can’t keep. During every sprint, we make an appointment for the development of a functionality. We guarantee that you will actually be able to use the functionality that was agreed upon in the sprint.

Am I tied to a contract if I work with Atabix?

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No, we don’t work with standard fixed contracts, unless it is your wish to make one. At your request we can work together to create a tailor-made contract, but this is not an obligation of Atabix. You can stop our services after every sprint. When your business goals have been achieved or when you are ready to market your product, our job is done.

We worked together on a project and I’m putting the product to use. What now?

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Atabix is the proud technical partner of dozens of renowned companies. We would like to remain your long-term advisor. When it’s time for the next phase of your project, our team is ready to think along with you!

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