Gassan diamonds

Een familiebedrijf, gedigitaliseerd


The assignment

Gassan Diamons has been a staple in the world of diamonds an juwels. With stores from London to Singapore the Originally Amsterdam based company has become an international player. To keep up with modern times, Gassan Diamonds wanted to make another important step: the step into the digital world

The challenge

When Gassan Diamonds opens a new store, they know percisely what needs to happen. The best locations, a tastefull inerior and an unrivaled service: thats how they have been doing it for decennia. But how do you bring a string offline brand to the online world ? At Atabix we love these kinds of projects. 'do business online together' we call that.

The most important wish from Gassan is clear to us from the very start: an internationally accessible webshop needs to be created. In short: the digital visitor needs to have a comparable expirience to the customers in regular Gassan stores. Thats the starting point.

Gassan family portrait
Gassan diamond cutter at work
Gassan headquarter

The online plan

Doing business online is more than simply building a webshop. Its a world on its own. In ours plan, all sides of this world are brought up.

. But which bureau is more reliable when it comes to online payments ? and at which company are you sure that the juwels will arrive on time and in good condition ? From expirience we know who you can coperate with and what its going to cost.

But we go further than that. In our plan we bend ourselfs of the usage of newsletters, how the website should be maintained and which discount actions work well on the web. We want to link the webshop to and existing inventory system, so the ordered products can be delivered as soon as possible. not easy, but essential

The complex system that was at the foot of the new Gassan webshop

Responsive from the start

The times of only visiting a website from the computer are long gone. Tablets and Phones are being used more and more. We take this into account by making use of responsive design. Are you visiting from an Ipad or an Iphone ? Then the website will appear in a user friendly and visually pleasing form. And ofcourse it is also possible to shop easily from your phone.

Gold, serifs and more gold

When the framworks (the blueprints) of the website are set, the designer goes to work. For him everything is about the right flow: visitors have to be able to navigate the website with ease.

It doesnt stop with appearance. On the Gassan website, you have to be able to design your own diamond and a function with which the customer can check their own ring size. The underlying technical processes may be complicated, but the customer may not be bothered by this. So the designer lets these features come together in a logical and elegant way.

Gassan design style
Gassan design style

Custom links

We deliver custom websites, so the possibilities are endless. For Gassan we decided to use the existing (and usually dated) inventory system for the new web envoirnment. By doing this the visitor of the webshop will get to see if the product is in stock quickly, how long it takes for the brand to offer more rings or watches. At the same time it automatically notifies employees at Gassan which diamonds and juwels have been ordered and if the stock needs to be topped up.

A complex digital bridge is needed for this technical link. Fortunately, Atabix has developers that love to take on these kinds of jobs. 'You can compare programming to learning a new language', explains programmer Daan. 'Who doesnt know the language of a new system, does still recognise what its written with. With enough time, anyone can master a new system.'

The result

Gassan desktop homepage
The homepage on desktop.
Gassan desktop product page
A product page
Gassan mobile homepage and menu
A mobile page

All features


  • Current (offline) homeStyle translated


  • Fully responsive
  • HTML5
  • SCSS
  • Jquery


  • Delivery from worldwide stores
  • Connections to multiple payment methods
  • External database connections
  • Custom checkout via Adyen
  • More than 10.000 products
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