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Pentatone and Primephonic prove to you, that top quality is sold online. They provide classical music of a supreme class on the web. Each and every audio file will meet the need of the connoisseur. With one single click of the mouse a visitor can download a single track or a complete album. But the online system has more to offer. It is a complete digital arrangement custom designed by Atabix for this industry.

Retune your ears

The intelligent system

Every online customer leaves traces of information, valuable information. Picture somebody looking for a composition made by the same composer, or someone who listens to the same specific orchestra time and time again. All this information will be used in our algorithms to serve the visitor as well as possible.

The system also takes in to account the different styles within classical music. If a person likes to listen to Mozart, he or she will probably also appreciate Stravinsky, but will not have much interest in Sati. This analyzed and linked knowledge will make sure that the visitor is provided with the right merchandize, with a positive sales outcome to show for it.


Data is not just stored, but can also be very useful. And that doesn’t end with data of your own online environment. With the use of big data, actions elsewhere on the web can be used. If somebody has viewed a recital of Chopin on YouTube, or googled the composer, that can be registered. At the next visit to Primephonic, Chopins Etudes will appear as a prominent recommendation. This is called online profiling: the customer is served promptly before a search is started.

Inspiration in the community

Sometimes the visitor wants to take matters into his own hands, searching for new classic musical piece. This is possible by communicating with other connoisseurs in the specially designed community. Here it’s possible to see which composers or musicians, friends or acquaintances listen to. Within the community customers keep each other posted on the latest trends and share their preferences and knowledge. A source of inspiration that will allow the interest in excellent classical music to increase.

album covers

Owner in own house

The digital audio files by Pentatone and Primephoinc are true gems. Though these gems are about five gigabytes (more than one hundred times an average Spotify track). They need to be well protected. That is why we created a spectrogram to keep track of the number of times an audio file is downloaded by a user. Does the same account repeatedly download the same track or album, this usually indicates wrongful sharing of music. With an automatic internal notification as a result.

A spectrogram of an album on Primephonic.

The sales report tool:
clear and efficient

By now hundreds of thousands of audio files are downloaded through Primephonic. It is very likely that this figure will turn into millions. That means a lot of usable data, but also a great amount of administration. Each different label assigned to Primephonic wants to be able to see at any given moment what they exactly sold. For this we developed a sales reporting tool. Due to this application it is possible to get an exact overview of how many times a track has been downloaded, what the revenues are and on top of that; every label gets a detailed report of the complete sales.

Due to the sales report tool, managing music remains simple and efficient. The system automatically processes the data, shows as clear as daylight the current information and is accessible at any time of the day. Even if it concerns ten thousand or ten million audio files: the system does the math.

No hassle with Excel

A pile of Excel sheets does not contribute to a well structured business. Never the less this is the way many companies keep an eye on their offline and online shops. Our project management tool offers labels like Pentatone the possibility to bring everything together in one digital system, content as well as financial data. Information about stock, length of contracts, planning of projects, generic information and the complete financial details are clearly presented in this program. The content is visible at a glance, from the most popular composers to the best selling regions. And financially the other side of the balance is visible: the costs of an online store.

informatie samengevoegd

Royalties and control

In the world of classical music, royalties can be a bottle neck. For every sold audio fragment the performing musician receives a percentage of the proceeds. And every second counts. Whenever a customer purchases four and a half minutes of Hayden, the musicians working on that particular piece have to be paid proportionately. When downloading thousands of different music fragments, this adds up. On top of that there are different contracts with different suppliers.

At Atabix we have developed a technical application that does the math for you. An application that links the content of the contracts to the specific audio fragments. You will only be presented with the outcome, which is the amount that should be paid in royalties. Technical inventions like these make it possible for a strong offline brand to take full advantage of the benefits the online world has to offer.

The result

Pentatone website desktop
De Pentatone homepagina op de desktop.
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The Pentatone detail page on the desktop.
Pentatone website desktop
De Primephonic homepagina op de desktop.
Pentatone website desktop
Een Primephonic detailpagina op de desktop.
Pentatone website desktop
De mobiele sites van Pentatone en Primephonic.

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