Atabix Management Interface

All-in-one management system

Backend system and management system

Content management

There are a few important things for a website. In first place comes the visual aspect of a website ofcourse (and how user friendly it is). In second place is the content of the website: the image, the text and the story that is presented with those 2. the management of those texts and images can be done in a number of different ways: for simple websites Wordpress fits the bill perfectly, with a low entry level interface you can get a long way without prior knowledge. For complexere websites the management tools become more complex. With that complexity usually comes a lot of loss in oversight due to all the possible options. Users cant figure it out anymore, and the user friendlyness suffers because of it.

We have it too

At Atabix, we have our own backend system that we use for our internal management such as customer management, project managament and billing. In this backend system user friendlyness is number one and functionality overrules all. It would be a waste to keep this system all to ourselves, so we use it a lot for our customers who have their own system with this that can be ajusted to their wishes.

Management Interface design overzicht
A mobile app to have all the important info about a customer at hand

A simple look with a purpose


To keep the interface as functional as possible we have kept the color pallette as nutral as possible with the hour management being the one exception where different colors differentiate between different clients and projects. Because the appearance is so nutral, the user does not get distracted by the design elements and the design is less prone to change with changing design trends

Cloud design style
Cloud design style

Writing time
as simple as click and drag

For entrepreneurs it is of large importance that their own time and that of their employees are decarable. Nobody can be declarable for a whole day, but there is a lot of profit to be gained in the lost 15 minutes. Thats why writing time in our system is as easy as clicking and dragging in your calender. Enter your client and project, what your work entailed and describe what you've done.

Because the writing of time is so easy we are noticing that hours are being written more accurately. there is a rise of 15% to 25% in time written and the amount of declarable hours thus takes a significant leap. In the past you used to write your hours in blocks / sections of the day. It did happen that all single minutes that were either getting coffee, smoking or something else were forgotten. Not too much of a bother on a daily basis, but can land you in a whole bunch of papers at the end of the year. So the customer and Atabix are better of with the new system

Cloud uren schrijven

Email integrated

To keep everything project related in one central place we have intergrated our support emails into the management interface. This way we can link the customer's questions to tasks for employees and workers and new estimates for new bills

Cloud e-mail layout

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